Enterprise Architect Development Program

Taught by industry experts to transform you into the most competent enterprise architect.

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Total of $4,194

over six payments

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3 Monthly Payments


Total of $3,897

over 3 months

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Included in Our Enterprise Architect Program

Twice a week Live Tech Classes (12 months)

Once a week Live Business Classes (12 months)

Once a month Live Enterprise Classes (12 months)

Once a month Live Professional Development Classes (12 months)

Recordings of all Live Classes

Twice a week “Office Hours”

700+ Hours of On Demand Content

Real-World-Based Architecture Projects

Enterprise Architect Training

TOGAF Training 

Career Development Roadmap

Intro to Technology Fundamentals

AWS Training and Lab Demos

Azure Training and Lab Demos

OpenStack Hands-On Lab Demos

Branding, Resume and Interview Basics

Enterprise Architecture & Our Program

The enterprise architect is responsible for the digital transformation initiatives for an entire organization.  The enterprise architect is a hybrid executive and technology professional who helps organizations apply technology solutions to improve their performance.

The enterprise architect needs a combination of executive and technology skills outlined below.

System Design – Orchestrating systems of people, processes, and technology to help the business run more efficiently.

Business Acumen – Critical to assisting an organization achieve its goals.

Leadership Skills – Spearheading teams of business and technology professionals to drive performance.

Executive Presence – To gain the respect and trust necessary to make enterprise-scale changes.

CXO relevancy – The knowledge and understanding to address C-suite concerns and complexities.

Presentation skills – The ability to successfully deliver key communications to various stakeholders.

Sales skills – The ability to successfully drive home the value of the solution and close the deal.

Stakeholder management – The ability to manage relationships and expectations to achieve the desired goal.

enterprise architect meeting

In our Enterprise Architect Development Program, we cover all the technical and business skills for you to become the most competent and capable enterprise architect.

Our program is taught by industry experts and consists of live instruction, on-demand content, and a catalog of hundreds of hours of architecture class recordings. 

With all of the content to make you successful, you will not find a comparable program anywhere.

This program is for you if you desire to be an enterprise architect. PERIOD.

All that is required from you is a desire to learn and the willingness to do the work!

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Our Live Class Times are Outlined Below

Weekly Live Classes

Tuesday at 10:00 AM EST (Technical Class)

Thursday at 4:00 PM EST (Technical Class)

Friday at 1:00 PM EST (Business & Professional Development Class)

Office Hours Sessions for General Questions

Monday at 12:30 PM EST

Wednesday at 12:30 PM EST

Monthly Live Classes

One Wednesday Per Month at 6:00 PM EST (Enterprise Architecture)

One Monday Per Month at 2:00 PM EST (Professional Development)

*Approximately 30 Hours of live classes per month*

Our training includes the following technical competencies:

Two Live Tech Classes Per Week (Tuesday & Thursday)
Extensive TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Training
Cloud Computing Fundamentals
Cloud Computing Basic Principles
Networking Knowledge
Security Knowledge
Disaster Recovery and High Availability
Deep Cloud Knowledge
Azure Cloud Training
Azure Lab Video Tutorials
AWS Cloud Training
AWS Lab Video Tutorials
OpenStack Cloud Lab Tutorials
Hands-on Cloud and Datacenter Knowledge
Dedicated Access to OpenStack Servers
Various Cloud Architecture Designs, including:

Single-Cloud Solutions

Multi-Cloud Solutions

Hybrid-Cloud Solutions

Designing Solutions for Various Needs, including:

Financial Firms

Healthcare Organizations

Lift and Shift Migrations


Law Firm

Social Media

Small Business

Large Firms

and more

Our training also includes the following business skills to increase your earning potential throughout your career!

Weekly Live Business & Professional Development Class (Friday)
Monthly Enterprise Class (Wednesday once per month)
Monthly Professional Development Class (Monday once per month)
Business Leaders and Technology
Stakeholder Management
Understanding Leadership
Business Acumen
Understanding Business Finances
Understanding Business Processes
Understanding Business Reports
Executive Presence
Digital Transformation
Disruptive Technologies
4 E's of Leadership (Energy, Energize, Edge, & Enthusiasm)
Being a Trusted Advisor
Importance of Confidentiality
Negotiation Skills
Principles of Influence
Client Interviewing and Consulting
Being a Better Consultant
Emotional Intelligence
Managing Conflict and Difficult Situations
Resolving Conflict
Bringing Out the Best in Others
Being Open Minded
Developing Empathy
Effective Communication
How to Read People
Mental Toughness
Writing Skills
Presentation Skills
Being Unbiased
Managing Change
Levels of Work
Facilitating Meetings
The Importance of Integrity
The Importance of Patience
Bringing Up Your Weaknesses
Playing to Your Strengths
How to Build Your Brand

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we expect that everyone who participates in our programs is new. 

If you happen to have experience in related roles or technologies, great; if not, that’s also great!

We look forward to working with everyone!

All of our programs are group programs, only programs that clearly indicate that one-on-one consultation is included will include one-on-one consultation; otherwise, this is not an available feature in most of our programs. 

Should you be enrolled in a program that does not include one-on-one consultation, you still have access to instructors during live classes, and through the slack community.

We do not train any one specific cloud or technology platform such as AWS, Azure, or GCP. Rather we focus on developing the competencies of the technologies that make up “the cloud” or are used in solving an organization’s needs.

Our technical components focus on industry standards of system design, security, networking, storage, and all components used in further digital transformation for an organization.

By training on in this manner our students are well-rounded and able to apply their knowledge to any situation, to best meet their employer’s and customer’s needs.

Think of this like learning to drive a car versus learning how to drive only a Ford or only a Toyota. It doesn’t make sense.


We extensively cover resume and interview guidance as part of our programs both in the self-paced on-demand content and in live classes, 

We usually conduct at least one dedicated live class per month to resume improvement, and all previous sessions are available in the recordings.

We offer sample resumes at a specific part in our program, we do not recommend working/improving your resume until this point.

We accept enrollments in our programs on a rolling/continuous basis. The program consists of on-demand content which you should begin immediately, and live classes which you can begin attending the first session after enrollment. 

Your access to the on-demand program content is for at least one year, and the content is self-paced.

The only portion of the program which is not self-paced is the live classes, as we have a set schedule of days and times for this.

Live classes are stand-alone classes, which have no direct relationship with the self-paced on-demand materials. This means that you can begin attending the live classes without concern of where you are in the self-paced content.

The information to attend live classes will be included in the first section of your program portal.

A significant part of the beginning of our program is dedicated to helping you determine what your goals are and developing a plan to help you get to your goals.

Our approach is not a one size fits all. We can’t in good conscious direct you to specific certifications, without knowing your specific career goals and desires. With that being said, we are strongly opposed to the philosophy of earning multiple same-level certifications only for the sake of getting certifications.

Based on the assignments you submit in our program and the career plan that we help you create, we will inform you of the recommended certifications for your specific development path.

How long it takes is dependent upon you.

Every single person starts from a different place, has a different situation, different learning style, different amount of time they can commit, etc. 

This is truly something that is dependent on you, you may learn faster than others, or may be able to commit more time than others. 

We can say on average it takes about 8 months to complete the program, but we give you up to a year in the live classes and unlimited time on the online part of the training as we want to know you have all the time you need to be successful!

This is covered in our program for the participants in our programs.

For all of our students, the recommendation is that you take part in our training program immediately upon enrollment. Do not worry if you are unfamiliar with the content or the discussions that occur on our classes. Due to the nature of our program this will be natural, as we have advanced/senior students in the same program with new students.

We do this purposefully as it helps students confirm their knowledge by being able to explain and assist other students. As the saying goes, you truly understand something once you are able to explain it to someone else.

As you progress through your training, you will soon realize that you are actively taking part in the calls, and you are now the advanced/senior student.



While most people interested in an enterprise architect role have previous experience; our program requires no previous experience. We teach every single student from the ground up and we teach everything needed to prepare you to get cloud hired.

Having a background in tech may speed things up for you on the tech side, or it could be a hinderance. You will need to work harder on the non-technical aspects of a cloud architect professional development like business acumen, emotional intelligence, and executive presence, among others.

Having a background in any area that requires people skills, like sales and customer support, among others, will help speed things up on the soft skills side of your development. You will need to learn the technologies that make cloud computing possible.


We have purposefully designed our programs and the price of our programs with these price sensitivities in consideration. We do not negotiate the price for enrollment on an individual basis.

The prices listed on our training portal and website are the prices that are available to everyone. We may occasionally offer discounts which will be promoted on our website, social media, and by email. We may also occasionally offer a complimentary enrollment in the form of a competition. Both are offered at the discretion of Go Cloud Careers.

You can choose to pay for your enrollment in one single up front payment, or a split payment plan of multiple payments of equal amounts automatically charged to the payment method you provide

The primary focus of our programs is to learn as a cloud-agnostic while developing the soft skills of an industry professional. However, we understand the importance and necessity to achieve specific certification(s). With this in mind, our recommendation is that you prepare for your industry-specific certifications at the same time that you are completing our program. Learning both at the same time is complementary to each other.

Click here and you can find options to enroll with the 3-month or 6-month payment plan.

Upon enrollment, you will receive several emails including a signup acknowledgment, receipt of purchase, and most importantly your Welcome Email. Open this Welcome Email for instructions on how to begin. 

There are also onboarding videos in the first section of the training portal.

This varies from program to program. But there are two different types of classes included with most programs. These are technical classes and there are soft skills classes. Each class is approximately 2 hours in length.

Every participant in our programs is offered the opportunity for an internship. We believe in including this as a way to build the experience on your resume that many employers’ HR departments have listed as an arbitrary job requirement.

The requirements for internships vary, but all students are required to complete the program and the required business case solutions as part of their internship and participation in the program.

Again, this is a question that we can’t answer for you. Every single person starts from a different place, has a different situation, different learning style, different amount of time they can commit, etc. 

The important thing is for you to figure out what you can dedicate to the program and stick to it. Don’t allow yourself to fall out of your plan or miss days or take it easy.

Of course, it is important to pace yourself, and it may be necessary to take breaks, but make sure this is purposeful.

This is covered in our program for the participants in our programs.

Our programs are self-paced, and you have access to the on-demand content indefinitely.

You have the right to cancel your purchase without any penalty or obligation through three (3) days after enrollment if you have not viewed any assignments and have not accessed any content beyond Section 1. After this three-day period, you are not eligible for a refund if you choose to not pursue the program. Refunds will be issued, minus the cost of processing fees of the original purchase. Multiple cancellation/withdrawal requests may result in the inability to make future purchases.

After enrolling in our program, you will have access to our Slack community. Direct your questions to the help-desk channel on Slack. 

If you are unable to use slack please send an email to [email protected].

If you have questions or need guidance before enrolling please send an email to [email protected].

We have more than 20 years of experience.

At Go Cloud Careers our goal is to help individuals achieve their dream career in cloud computing. We achieve this by focusing on technical competency, business acumen, leadership skills and soft skills. Whether their desire is to work in cloud architecture, cloud infrastructure, cloud security, machine learning, or any of the multitude of other cloud engineering jobs; we help our students succeed. Our students are guided to find the best fit for their individual learning paths; and their training focuses on a combination of cloud computing skills, technical skills, soft skills, and certifications training.

We provide the opportunity for multiple hands on labs, and our students build their own clouds. In addition to learning the fundamentals of cloud computing as a cloud-agnostic, all of the live architecture design sessions are completed using at least two different cloud service platforms (including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform). By using our approach of helping you achieve technical competency; and improving your soft skills, communication skills, and interview skills, we have been able to guide many individuals to the cloud computing career of their dreams.

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Enrollment Options

Option 1

6 Monthly Payments


Total of $4,194

over six payments

Option 2

3 Monthly Payments


Total of $3,897

over 3 months

Option 3

One Time Payment


One-Time payment, or use

options such as Paypal, Klarna, and more