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Our methods are based upon helping you become the hiring manager’s dream candidate.

From Our Founder & CEO

Since launching Go Cloud Careers, we have used the same system that I used twenty years ago to help aspiring technologists achieve their career dreams. Many have landed their first tech job. Even more have transitioned into technology from seemingly unrelated fields such as retail, education, and hospitality. Our mentees and clients work for some of the best companies in the tech industry including Cisco, Google, Amazon, Palo Alto Networks, and Fortinet.  Others thrive in the technology teams of such leading companies as JP Morgan, Deloitte, KPMG, and more.  

Most who follow and complete our entire program land their first tech job within six to eight months. However long it takes, we stay with our clients until they land a position. For us, success—our clients’ and ours— goes beyond landing one job.  That’s why we call ourselves a career company.  That’s why our mission is to provide the most elite tech career preparation to empower our clients around the world with life-changing career opportunities.

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Mike Gibbs CEO & Founder
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most elite tech career preparation to empower our clients around the world with life-changing career opportunities.

How We Got Here

About 25 years ago, I was a nurse practitioner, but I loved tech. So I decided to switch careers and did what everyone else does. I got certified. I took the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer course and passed the Microsoft Certified Professional exam and the MCSE exams. Then I asked a certification company what I needed to do, and they told me I needed a Cisco Certified Network Associate and a Cisco Certified Network Professional. So I did the CCNA on my own and then took a 10-day $11,000, Cisco Certified Network Professional bootcamp and I passed all those exams. Then I asked a different certification provider what I needed to get hired and they told me I needed a Cisco Certified Design Associate and a Cisco Certified Design Professional. Guess what, I did those two certifications, too. Now, I was 6x certified with three professional certifications and three associate certifications. I send out five resumes to get my first network engineer job and I got rejected, rejected, rejected, rejected, and rejected.

The thing is, employers don’t care about certifications, they care about something else. Since I was rejected by the first five employers, I knew continuing to do the same thing would yield the same results. I knew I needed to change my tactics. So, I spoke to 50 recruiters and gathered a list of all the things employers desired, both the technical and the non-technical things, and they all told me one thing – tech is not enough.

Now I knew what hiring managers considered the perfect employee, I filled in the gaps to become what hiring managers desired. I then went on my first interview. During this interview, I answered almost all the questions correctly, but then I was asked a question I didn’t know. The way that I answered this question is why I was hired.

Through all my research, there have been many lessons learned. These lessons have helped me get others their first tech job or get promoted in tech for more than two decades. And these are the lessons that we continue to use and improve upon today. Now, these initial lessons plus the last 20 years of research I’ve done have helped so many get their first tech job, and almost every day at this point. I have someone new that says Mike, I just got cloud hired!

Sincerely, Mike Gibbs MS, MBA, CCIE #7417, GCP-PCA, AWS-CSA

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