Cloud Architect Career Development Program

How To Become A Cloud Architect (How We Do Cloud Architect Career Training!)

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Our Cloud Architect Career Development Program focuses on helping you get your first cloud architect job by bridging the gap between what employers desire and where you are today. We not only focus on the cloud architect training from a technical aspect, but also the equally important soft skills required of a modern business professional. Studies show that these soft skills result in an average of 30% higher rate of pay.

Our Program is designed to transform your career and to help you get hired with a higher salary! The program includes over 500 hours of content, consisting of live sessions, recorded sessions, on-demand content, and labs.

Current Live Class Schedule, all classes are recorded:

Tuesday 10:00 AM EST

Thursday 4:00 PM EST

Friday 1:00 PM EST

Our program focuses on the following:

Developing deep cloud knowledge
Developing deep technical knowledge
Gaining hands-on cloud and datacenter experience
Overcoming the perception of “inexperience”
Building your professional development and career plan
Building your get hired plan
Building your personal brand
Improving your communication skills
Improving your leadership abilities
Improving your executive presence
Getting your resume in the hands of the hiring manager
Learning how to interview like a champion
Learning how to negotiate a higher salary
Improving your emotional intelligence

We have helped countless professionals, and we can help you too! According to Glassdoor, for a cloud architect in the US, the average annual salary is $196,369. Every day you aren’t hired you are losing $755.27. Let us help you get hired faster and accelerate your career with our cloud training.

Cloud Architect Career Development Program

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Cloud Architect Career Development Program + LIVE CLASSES

Cloud Architect Career Development PLUS LIVE CLASSES

Regular Tuition Price

Developed by Industry Experts
Three Live Classes a Week
Self-Paced Program
500+ Hours of Content
Hybrid of On-Demand & Live Instruction
Soft Skills & Tech Skills
Resume & Branding
Slack Community

A self-paced program designed to transform your career and help you get hired with a higher cloud architect salary! Includes over 500 hours of content (three-weekly live classes, recorded sessions, and lab assignments).

Also includes the opportunity to take part in group projects, publications, and more.

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