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Cloud Architect Career Development Program

A 16-week program designed to bridge the gap between what employers desire & where you are today on your cloud career journey.

Cloud Lab Access Program


A 16-week program designed to transform your technical skills to prepare you for your dream cloud career!

Build the Cloud Career of Your Dreams!

We give you the tools to take charge of your career!

Tech Career Leadership Program

Developed by experienced

industry leaders. 

AWS Professional Cloud Architect Book


We have more than 20 years of experience.

At Go Cloud Careers our goal is to help individuals achieve their dream career in cloud computing. We achieve this by focusing on soft skills, as well as technical competency. Whether their desire is to work in cloud architecture, cloud infrastructure, cloud security, machine learning, or any of the multitude of other cloud engineering jobs; we help our students succeed. Our students are guided to find the best fit for their individual learning paths; and their training focuses on a combination of cloud computing skills, technical skills, soft skills, and certifications training.

We provide the opportunity for multiple hands on labs, and our students build their own clouds. In addition to learning the fundamentals of cloud computing as a cloud-agnostic, all of the live architecture design sessions are completed using at least two different cloud service platforms (including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform). By using our approach of helping you achieve technical competency; and improving your soft skills, communication skills, and interview skills, we have been able to guide many individuals to the cloud computing career of their dreams.


Cloud Architect Career Development



  • Length: 16-week (average)
  • Content Format: Hybrid (Live and Pre-Recorded) w/ Lab Access
  • Live Component: Yes (2x Weekly)
  • Soft Skills Component: Yes
  • Resume & Placement Assistance: Yes
  • Slack Access: Yes

Tech Interview Mastery Program



  • 20+ Pieces of Content
  • Half the Price of a Single Coaching Session
  • Based on 20+ Years of Experience
  • Based on 25,000 interviews

Tech Career Leadership Program



  • Coming Soon
  • Developed by Experienced Industry Leaders
Register for our FREE Webinar every Monday and Thursday How To Get Your First Cloud Job Webinar


What people have to say about us.

cloud architect career

Marjon Bonev

Data Center Operations

Within one month in the program the interview skills, soft skills and technical training got me hired. I highly recommend to those starting their tech careers or moving to the cloud from other careers.

cloud architect career

Angela Thomas

AWS Solutions Architect/Database SME

The ability to learn from an experienced, elite professional instructor like Mike Gibbs is priceless... you will meet and network with some of the most intelligent and interesting people from all over the globe.

cloud architect career

Osman Akinyera

Network Engineer

I’m so grateful for the guidance provided by Mike Gibbs and Go Cloud Architects.  They helped me get my first tech job!

cloud architect career

Dr. Georgette G. Uzowulu

AWS Solutions Architect

Michael Gibbs is an excellent instructor with an amazing personality. He is genuine and honestly cares about the success of his students. I bless the day I met him.

cloud architect career

Tyrone Carelse

Data Analyst

Michael’s knowledge on Cloud, Networking & Security are almost unmatched and his enthusiasm and professionalism to connect with his audience can be seen in the programs.

cloud architect career

Emeka Udogwu

Cloud Security Specialist

With the training and the help from Mike and the network of individuals in the Go Cloud Architects Cloud Architect Career Development Program, I was able to secure an AWS Data Engineering role and start my path to becoming a Cloud Architect.

cloud architect career

Paul Smith

Senior Network Engineer

Mike’s six day AWS Architecture Pro Boot Camp was a master class for professional engineers who need to get up to speed quickly in the cloud environment. Fast paced, interesting and full of depth, Mike provides the tools you will need to get started in cloud networking.

cloud architect career

Elonzo Coleman

Cloud Architect Consultant

I am beyond pleased and grateful to be a participant in his courses and wholeheartedly recommend him for anyone who seeks a successful career in cloud technology.

cloud architect career

Ian Rowe

Cloud Architect

Mike never fails to make his sessions engaging and interactive for all his students. I highly recommend Mike Gibbs training to advance your cloud architect career that will take you from Zero to Hero in a matter of months not years!!!

cloud architect career

Mitchell Gulledge

Product Architect, Security

Mike is an exceptional coach!  He helped me find my first tech job, and he helped me rapidly advance in my career.

cloud architect career

Nathan Curry

Senior Engineer

I took several years off from my tech career, and Mike Gibbs' coaching and guidance has played an indispensable role in helping me get back in the game and build the tech career of my dreams!

cloud architect career

Mohamed Kabir

Cloud Engineer

Go Cloud Architects does an excellent job of getting people through the front door in the niche space of cloud computing. The content and support helped me get my first cloud engineer position.

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