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Cloud Architect Career Development Program
One Time Payment

Cloud Architect Career Development Program
3 Month Payment Plan

Cloud Architect Career Development Program


Regular Tuition Price

New and Improved self-paced program with at least three live classes per week, over 500 hours of on-demand content, real-world architecture solutions, and so much more. Lead by a team of instructors with over 300 years of combined experience.

Current Live Class Schedule, all classes are recorded:

Tuesday 10:00 AM EST

Thursday 4:00 PM EST

Friday 1:00 PM EST

Our program focuses on the following:

Developing deep cloud knowledge
Developing deep technical knowledge
Gaining hands-on cloud and datacenter experience
Overcoming the perception of “inexperience”
Building your professional development and career plan
Building your get hired plan
Building your personal brand
Improving your communication skills
Improving your leadership abilities
Improving your executive presence
Getting your resume in the hands of the hiring manager
Learning how to interview like a champion
Learning how to negotiate a higher salary
Improving your emotional intelligence
Cloud Architect Career Development PLUS LIVE CLASSES

Regular Tuition Price

Developed by Industry Experts
Three Live Classes a Week
Self-Paced Program
500+ Hours of Content
Hybrid of On-Demand & Live Instruction
Soft Skills & Tech Skills
Resume & Branding
Slack Community

A self-paced program designed to transform your career and help you get hired with a higher cloud architect salary! Includes over 500 hours of content (three-weekly live classes, recorded sessions, and lab assignments).

Also includes the opportunity to take part in group projects, publications, and more.

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What originally began two years ago as a small program with only Mike conducting live classes once per week has grown exponentially to the benefit of all of our students.

We now have three live classes per week and include a world-class instruction staff. Our team includes industry experts, current and former executives from some of the largest companies in the world, and business professors from top-notch universities.

With the average cloud architect salary over $199,000 US dollars, this type of education means you will have the comfort and freedom you have always desired.

What we are offering at Go Cloud Careers is the opportunity to change your life by joining our one-of-a-kind career development program.

For literally the cost of a few days’ pay of the average cloud architect, you can gain access to our live training and on-demand content. Access to nearly 150 live classes in a year, and over 500 hours of training content without restriction.

We encourage you to not waste any more time questioning yourself or wondering whether it’s worth it. Every day that you delay could cost you $800. If you delay for a month, that would be $16,000 in potential lost income.

So what are you waiting for, join us at Go Cloud Careers and change your life.

We look forward to working with you.



Mike Gibbs and the entire Go Cloud Careers Team