Pricing FAQs

The prices for our programs and content are set after much consideration and published on our websites. Pricing may change at any time at our discretion and will be updated accordingly on all publications. Pricing is the same for everyone.

Occasionally we may offer discounts. These discounts will have limitations in availability and time.

We have spent entire careers and contributed countless hours, and resources to create our award-winning programs. We cannot under any circumstances negotiate the price of our programs and content for any reason.


We have purposefully designed our programs and the price of our programs with these price sensitivities in consideration. We do not negotiate the price for enrollment on an individual basis.

The prices listed on our training portal and website are the prices that are available to everyone. We may occasionally offer discounts which will be promoted on our website, social media, and by email. We may also occasionally offer a complimentary enrollment in the form of a competition. Both are offered at the discretion of Go Cloud Careers.

You can choose to pay for your enrollment in one single up front payment, or a split payment plan of multiple payments of equal amounts automatically charged to the payment method you provide

All of our programs are group programs, only programs that clearly indicate that one-on-one consultation is included will include one-on-one consultation; otherwise, this is not an available feature in most of our programs. 

Should you be enrolled in a program that does not include one-on-one consultation, you still have access to instructors during live classes, and through the slack community.


We extensively cover resume and interview guidance as part of our programs both in the self-paced on-demand content and in live classes, 

We usually conduct at least one dedicated live class per month to resume improvement, and all previous sessions are available in the recordings.

We offer sample resumes at a specific part in our program, we do not recommend working/improving your resume until this point.

On the screen where you see the full price of the program, you will see a small arrow next to the price. If you click this arrow it will bring up a drop down menu for you to select the payment plan. You will select the payment plan option and proceed through the following screens.

Upon enrollment, you will receive several emails including a signup acknowledgment, receipt of purchase, and most importantly your Welcome Email. Open this Welcome Email for instructions on how to begin. 

There are also onboarding videos in the first section of the training portal.

Every participant in our programs is offered the opportunity for an internship. We believe in including this as a way to build the experience on your resume that many employers’ HR departments have listed as an arbitrary job requirement.

The requirements for internships vary, but all students are required to complete the program and the required business case solutions as part of their internship and participation in the program.

You have the right to cancel your purchase without any penalty or obligation through three (3) days after enrollment if you have not viewed any assignments and have not accessed any content beyond Section 1. After this three-day period, you are not eligible for a refund if you choose to not pursue the program. Refunds will be issued, minus the cost of processing fees of the original purchase. Multiple cancellation/withdrawal requests may result in the inability to make future purchases.

After enrolling in our program, you will have access to our Slack community. Direct your questions to the help-desk channel on Slack. 

If you are unable to use slack please send an email to [email protected].

If you have questions or need guidance before enrolling please send an email to [email protected].