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Cloud Architects Are Highly Paid In-Demand Professionals

Yet many people have cloud computing certifications and can't find jobs. Why, because most cloud architect jobs require extensive knowledge and experience - something that is absent from most certification training programs.

Our Get Your First Cloud Architect Job Program focuses on helping you get your first cloud architect position by bridging the gap between what employers desire and where you are today. Our program is a 16-week program designed to transform your career and to help you get hired, and possibly with a higher salary!

Our program focuses on following:

  • Developing deep cloud knowledge
  • Gaining hands-on cloud & datacenter experience
  • Overcoming the perception of "inexperienced"
  • Building your professional development and career plan
  • Building your get hired plan
  • Building your personal brand
  • Improving your emotional intelligence
  • Improving your communication skills
  • Improving your leadership abilities
  • Improving executive presence
  • Getting your resume in the hands of the hiring manager
  • Learning how to interview like a champion
  • Learning how to negotiate a higher salary

We have helped countless IT professionals, and we can help you too! 

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a could architect in the US is $153,318. Every day you aren't hired, you are losing $589.68. Let us help you get hired faster and accelerate your career!

We specialize in building cloud architects and giving them the skills for an amazing career!

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A Message From Our CEO:

25 years ago I was a nurse practitioner, practicing internal medicine and I fell in love with computers and technology.

Six months later I was working as a senior network engineer at one of the largest internet service providers in the world.

Two years later I was consulting to the largest internet service providers, global enterprises and organizations in the world.

But it wasn't easy, see everyone said you have no experience or degrees outside of healthcare. So, I had to find a way to get the experience on my own, and then convince employers that I was right for the job.

So I used my medical skills to diagnose the problem and build a get hired treatment plan.

I found a way to show my past experience was a strength and not a weakness. How my medical career could make me a better network engineer.

Then I found a way to get the experience I needed.

Next, I learned to get my resume directly in the hands of the hiring manager.

Presto - I was hired as a senior network engineer

Our How To Get Your First Cloud Architect Program is based upon 25 years experience working in technology, mentoring others, coaching others and helping people get their first tech job!

Let our experience help you get the cloud architect job of your dreams!

Your Dream Career Is In Your Hands.

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"Mike Gibbs is a master of teaching complicated technologies. He always finds a way to make the complex simple to understand."

-Daryl Proctor, CSM Palo Alto Networks

"Mike Gibbs has provided expert training to my engineering team. He work works very hard to bring out the best in everyone."

- Andrea Icaza, Director

"Mike's training made a big impact on my engineering team at Cisco. Mikes ability to make the complex easy to understand is unparalleled."

-Alvin DaCosta, VP Nvidia

Our Training is Fun and Interactive!

All training is provided in high definition video. We provide an in person like experience with HD video, professional quality audio, and visual aids.

This is NOT another BORING slideshow with voice-over presentation.

We leverage the best tools technology has to offer, so you can get an in-person experience at a fraction of the cost. And our training is cost effective, so there is nothing to hold you back from achieving your dream career!

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