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The Elite Cloud Architect Program

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The Elite Cloud Architect Program – Your Ticket to Getting the Highest-Paid Architect Jobs in The World


Do you want to get the most elite architect jobs?  If you want to become a Cloud Architect, Solutions Architect or Enterprise Architect; then this program is for you! This program has limited availability, make sure to register your interest as soon as possible.


Let’s talk salary.


Did you know the average cloud architect salary is $196,863 and that the range of salaries is $151,000 to $261,000k?  That’s $800 per day for the average cloud architect.  Our graduates are continuously securing these salaries – they are elite in every way!


The Elite Cloud Architect Program is an executive program that will prepare you for the architect job, and the rest of your career!  As an executive program, this is a high-touch personalized program.


The program focuses on every aspect of the cloud architect role from getting your first architect job to progressing to distinguished architect roles and leadership roles later in your career!


The program covers the full range of Cloud Architect and Enterprise Architect Technical Skills


Plus, the key skills to maximize your salary and career progression.  These key skills are below:


·       Executive leadership skills

·       Executive communication skills

·       Executive writing skills

·       CXO relevance and how to work with C-level executives (CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO)

·       Executive presentation skills

·       Sales skills

·       Emotional intelligence training

·       Stakeholder management

·       Digital transformation training

·       Business acumen training (finance, accounting, marketing, negotiation)

·       How to build the perfect resume training

·       How to optimize your LinkedIn profile and professional brand

·       Interview training – Including three private interview sessions with our interview experts

·       Salary negotiation training


Are you wondering why so much business acumen and leadership training?  According to individuals with significant business acumen have an average salary of $549,171 per year. 


Combining elite architect skills, with elite leadership skills and business acumen helps you get the best architect jobs at the highest salary possible.


At Go Cloud Careers, we care about your success and give you every tool to succeed!

What the Program will look like

This program is a combination of live small-batch education, group education, personalized coaching, on-demand training, architectural projects, and key labs. 


The program consists of a 16-week high touch small batch program, combined with our award-winning cloud architect career development training program.


You will begin in a small batch accelerated 16-week program while attending our award-winning cloud architect career development program.


After the 16-week accelerated program is over, you will stay in our cloud architect career development program until you are hired! 


The program includes:


  • 1 small batch live training session per week delivered via video conference
  • 1 “office hours” session per week via video conference to address any questions
  • 3 personal interview sessions with our team of expert interview coaches
  • 3 live weekly sessions from the Cloud Architect Career Development Program delivered via video conference
  • On-demand training content
  • Continuous projects that will receive feedback from our team covering (architectures, career planning, presentation skills, communication skills, leadership skills, business acumen skills, and more)
  • Cloud Labs – AWS, Azure, and our special blend of labs including building your own cloud

We do all this for the equivalent of two weeks’ average pay for a cloud architect!


Register now and a member of the team will call you to see if you qualify for a seat in this elite program!


Note this program will accept a limited number of students per batch – so register your interest now!


Enrollment for the program officially opens on March 15th, but by registering your interest now, you will have priority access to enroll.


So take control and secure your elite cloud career!