Selling Yourself at Your Cloud Architect Job Interview

July 8, 2021

How to effectively sell yourself on a cloud architect job interview

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Today, we will be learning how to sell ourselves at a job interview. Getting hired as a cloud architect is really just selling your product. And when you’re on that coveted cloud architect interview, the product is you. So, if you’re going to be a good sales rep for yourself, let’s look at what really good sales professionals do and how they sell their product or service. Because if you can learn how to sell your product or service, like an excellent sales rep, you’ll be able to sell yourself into the cloud architect position of your dreams. So let’s look at how really good sales professionals actually sell a product.

You are your own sales rep

The first thing a really good sales rep does is they find out information about their customer. They look at their customer’s business, challenges, goals and then find a solution to improve the business. They don’t just try to sell them something. They try to find a way to enhance their customer’s business by designing a technology solution that will solve their customer’s business problems with a solution that creates great value for the customer. That’s the key to sales. For example, if you sell something for $1, but it does nothing, there’s a cost of $1. However, if you sell something for $100 but it gives the customer $1,000 in value, you create value as a good business partner.

How do you sell yourself in an interview?

When you go to a cloud architect job interview, make sure you understand the company. What are the company’s goals? What are the company’s pain points? What are their challenges? When you understand the company, then apply it to yourself as a cloud architect product. What can you do? What does your skillset do that can improve the company? When you’re trying to sell yourself and your product, you have to show that your product’s value is much higher than the cost of your salary and benefit. So how do you do that?

First, find out the organization’s challenges. Once you know their challenges, look at your background and apply what is special about your background that can help the organization. For example, does the organization have a brand problem? Leverage your talents, characteristics, personality, ability to write or speak to improve the organization’s brand. What if the organization has a technology problem? Do the current technology solutions they have not meet the needs of the business and they’re losing business and they need some help? If so, think about how you as a cloud architect can design architecture that could greatly improve their business.

Don’t sell yourself short

If you’re a good cloud architect, you should also have good emotional intelligence, high levels of empathy, and raise the energy of the room. Employers desire that in their employees. So, if the organization has a team problem, ask the hiring manager what exactly the problem is. Communicate to them that you can provide solutions to their problems, thereby making you a valued asset. So, the key to successfully selling yourself on the interview is doing your due diligence. Empathize with the hiring manager. Demonstrate to them that your skills and value are greater than the cost of their salary and they will hire you every time. Be your own sales rep!

“Sell” what hiring managers want to “buy”

Hiring managers desire the following:

  • technical competency above all else
  • someone they can trust
  • high levels of emotional intelligence
  • good communication skills
  • team players
  • energetic, enthusiastic people that bring out the best in others

So, when you’re there for a cloud architect job interview yourself. Show how you can enhance the team. Show how your value is far greater than your costs. Show how you can be what the hiring manager needs and you’ll get hired every time.

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