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Cloud Architect Job Interview Tips

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Cloud Architect Job Interview Tips (Get Your First Cloud Architect Job)

Are you looking for cloud architect interview tips or cloud engineer interview tips? If so this blog is for you. Today, we’re going to discuss how to sell yourself in a job interview. Getting hired as a cloud architect or cloud engineer is really just selling your product – the product is you. You will have to be/become a good sales rep for yourself.

Let’s look at what really good sales professionals do. How they sell their product or service. That way you’ll be able to help sell yourself into the cloud architect or cloud engineer position of your dreams.

Step 1. Find out information about your customer.

Look at your customer’s business challenges and goals. Then, try to find a solution to improve the business. Good sales professionals don’t just try and sell them something! They try and find a way to enhance their customer’s business! If they can come up with a technology solution that will solve the customer’s business problems and that solution costs less than the value gained by the customer, then the customer will buy that technology.

Find a way to create a solution that solves a customer’s problem and gives the customer far more benefits than they actually paid. That’s the key to sales.

For example, if you sell something for $1, but it does nothing, there’s a cost to $1. If you sell something for $100 but it gives the customer $1,000 in value, you actually are a good business partner. You helped your customer and they will consistently buy from you. As long as you improve the customer’s business, a good sales rep knows they will always buy. Let’s take that to you on your job interview.

When you go on a job interview, make sure you understand the company. What are the company’s goals, pain points, challenges?

  • Does the organization have a brand problem? Does the organization have a technology problem?
  • Do the current technology solutions they have not meet the needs of the business and they’re losing business.
  • On their team, do they have a challenge going on right now that’s causing their team to be less productive?

What can you do?

  • You have to show that your product’s (yourself) value is much higher than the cost of your salary and benefit.
  • What does your skillset do that can improve the company? How can your background help the organization?
  • Is there something special about your characteristics, personality, ability to write and speak that can improve the organization’s brand?
  • How can you as an architect, design an architecture of technology solutions that can improve their business?

Step 2. IQ and EQ, a critical combination.

Have good emotional intelligence and high levels of empathy. You should raise the energy of the room. Employers desire this. If the organization has a team problem and you ask the hiring manager, what are their challenges? When you can provide a solution to that, it makes you more valuable. The key on a job interview to selling yourself is to find out ahead of time, the customer’s pain points and even ask those questions while you’re there.

And be the architect of your career. Show the sales rep, aka the hiring manager, that your skills and your value is greater than the cost of their salary. They will hire you nearly every time. Make sure when you meet with the hiring manager, that they know that your brand and your value is something they need.

If you don’t know what hiring managers want, I can tell you! They desire the following traits: technical competency above all else. Then, they look for someone they can trust. A person with a high level of emotional intelligence. Then, that person must have good communication skills, a team player. A person who is energetic, and enthusiastic and brings out the best in others.

In closing, it is all about selling yourself! Show how you can make the team better! Show how your value is far greater than your costs! Show how you can be what the hiring manager needs! You’ll get hired every time.

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