Cloud Architect Career Success: 5 Traits of Successful Professionals

July 15, 2021

The traits that we have found in a successful Cloud Architect

Today, we are going to discuss five traits seen in highly successful individuals and how you can apply these five traits to your cloud architect career to get the job and career of your dreams. The combination of making these traits a part of your skillset will result in a more successful career, and a more enjoyable experience.

Trait 1: Delay Gratification

The first trait we are going to talk about is the ability to delay gratification. Highly successful people, statistically speaking, have the ability to delay gratification. What do I mean by this? I am talking about making the correct decision if you have the opportunity to spend your money on fun, like a trip; or spend your money on training to improve yourself. Training is a lot less fun and not having the money to spend on your vacation because you are spending it on training can be perceived as a loss in the short term. But in the long-term, it could do wonders for your cloud architect career.

Here is another example. You’ve got an exam on Monday, but all your friends want to go out Friday night to the bar then dinner afterward. However, you know you need to pass that exam. By delaying that fun and focusing on studying, you’ll pass your exam and get your career. Delaying gratification to reach your goals and dreams are hallmarks of highly successful individuals and successful cloud architects.

Trait 2: The Right Attitude

The next thing is your attitude. Highly successful people have a positive attitude no matter the situation. Regardless of how bad the environment or situation gets, if you can laugh through it and embrace it for what it is, you will do unimaginably great things in your career. But you have to fight through the unhappiness with a positive attitude. You have got to believe it’s possible to win in your heart and with the conviction that you can reach your destination.

Alternatively, if you embrace a negative attitude; it will make your path to success more difficult if not impossible. Not only will it affect you, but it will also affect those you work with. As an aspiring cloud architect professional, you will be in positions of influence with others, where your attitude can make or break critical projects and situations. With the right attitude you will improve your chances for success, as well as those that you work with.

Trait 3: Reading

Highly successful people read a lot. When you read, you learn. Reading improves your writing skills because you are exposed to different types of grammar. Books are often more comprehensive than the average video. And by reading, you can learn.

I will tell you, in my career and as long as I can remember, I’ve tried hard to read at least one book per week. And if I can’t read, I use audiobooks. That way, I can still get the word-for-word unabridged book and listen to it while doing something else. I highly recommend reading as much as possible. Read content in your field of study/work or read it in the areas that support your fields.

For example, if you want to work in cloud computing know that the cloud is nothing more than a network and a data center. Knowing this, you should take the time to read materials on the data center.  Let reading make you a better cloud architect and you’ll be prepared for the unknown variables that pop up in your career.

Trait 4: Constant Improvement

Constant improvement is something that highly successful people do. They are never ever satisfied. If they received a 95% on an exam, they’ll want a 100%. They’re always going to work harder to get closer to perfection. Think about the Olympian. Every day is pre-planned on achieving their mission. So, constantly get better, improve your skill set, sharpen your skills and you will have a fantastic cloud architect career.

Trait 5: Mental Toughness

The last one is mental toughness or grit. Grit is such a strong capability that it’s a given that successful people are mentally tough and will not quit. If you stay in a challenge long enough and fight through it, you will win. You will win because you will be willing to endure, while those who lack grit oftentimes quit before the battle is won.

The harder you work to be better than your competition, the more you will outwork your competition, and increase your chances are of success. So, become someone that will fight through adversity and achieve your goals. Do not let a challenge be scary. Look at the challenge as an opportunity to grow. Run headfirst into that challenge, crush it, and win. If you do this, you will have the unbelievable cloud architecture career of your dreams!

In summary

Now you know what our recommendations are for a successful cloud architect career. The ability to delay gratification so you have the resources to achieve your goals. Keep a positive attitude, because if you don’t believe it’s possible, you just can’t win. Find a way to become mentally tough so you can keep going. Constantly improve yourself, and make sure you are well-read because we want you to learn as much as possible.

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